Premier quality cradled wood panels with full cleat back are ready to hang.
Torsion box panels curing on granite surface plate.
Laser cutting torsion box components

Lucius Hudson takes great pride in producing durable light weight Cradled Wood Panels. Using torsion box construction we provide a superior product paralleled to traditional wood panel structures. A matrix of 4x4 inch boxes glued between two plywood sheet produce greater strength and stability over traditional cradled wood panel designs. Utilizing both laser and CNC technology we manufacture our own torsion panel cores to a high degree of precision and quality.

All Lucius Hudson wood panels incorporate a full cleat cradle design so your work will hang from any side. For large panels we offer a Hybrid Wood Panel option, which incorporates an aluminum cradle for even greater stability. We highly recommend all large panels made of seamed cores be used with stretched canvas or linen.

For acid and moisture protection all panels are sealed with shellac. We offer a variety of canvas and linen options, plus smooth gesso surfaces directly applied to wood surfaces or to stretched fabrics. We do not recommend smooth gesso directly on seamed wood panels. Largest panel made without seam is 48"x96"

Our standard cradle depth is 1 1/4", but any depth can be ordered. To ensure straightness of our panels we use aerospace grade granite surface plates to manufacture our cores, face our panels and too check the quality of our milling work.

Our Hybrid Wood Panels utilize a 2” deep aluminum perimeter for added strength and durability.


We use a 60" X 144" CNC router to create panels in a variety of shapes. Almost any shape can be turned into a support - circular, elliptical, diamond, half circles, just send us your requirements for estimate.


Download how to store and handle wood panels

Wood Panel Care & Handling

All panels are cured on a granite surface plate to insure they are absolutely flat.
We incorporate lasers in our manufacturing operations to produce the highest quality products possible.
Cutting panels with CNC robots Torsion Box Construction
Individual panels are cut to precise dimensions utilizing CNC cutting equipment. Torsion box construction allows us to provide artist a high quality, strong and light weight panel structures.
Full Cleat Back Cradled Wood Panels
Optional notch for canvas wrap
Full Cleat - Hang Form Any Side
Buy 6 or More Same Size - Save 10%
Cannot be combined with other offers
Optional Notch for Canvas Fold

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