Wood Panel Handling and Storage

At Lucius Hudson, Inc. we take great care to produce the highest quality cradled wood panels in the market. That being said they are not indestructible. To maintain optimum condition it is imperative that you handle and store with care. How you use, handle and store wood panels can either induce or prevent warping.

Some manufacturers claim and even guarantee their panels will not warp. The truth is no matter what brand you use, improperly stored or supported panels will warp - guaranteed. Larger panels are more susceptible to poor storage techniques due to their mass or weight.

How a panel is stored against the wall is critical to preventing panel distortion or warping. With larger panels higher gravity forces across the panel’s surface are achieved when leaned against a wall at low angles. This makes it important to store panels as near to vertical as possible. (See Figure 1)

If your studio or storage has fluctuating heat and humidity conditions you must be extra diligent in the care of your panels. Keep panels away from direct sunlight and sources of extreme heat, cold or humidity.

If you are not able to hang panels store them as close to vertical and make certain there are four points of contact on an even plane. A common mistake is to lean the panel with only three points of contact, which will inevitably lead to warping of the panel.

From the front your panel may look to be stored properly (See Figure 2) so inspect the panel from all sides.

Ensure all four points are flush and equally supported on an even plane. Inspect from the side to confirm surface edges are straight and adjust if needed. (See Figure 3) Be aware that very few walls are perfectly flat so some adjustments may be needed when leaning panels against walls.

We recommend you take every precaution to properly support wood panels in use and storage.

Use our Hybrid Wood Panels for increased panel stability! Fig. 1 Always Store Panels Near Vertical. Low angle storage will cause wood panels to warp.
A common mistake is only having 3 points of contact, which can warp the structure due to unbalanced load stresses.
Fig. 2 Inspect panels from all angles to ensure there are 4 points of contact on an even plane Fig. 3 This image illustrates panels stored improperly. Excessive angle and only 3 points of contact.

Lucius Hudson, Inc. May Not Be Held Responsible For Damage From Improper Storage And Care.

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