Lucius Hudson, Inc.
Our mission is to provide you the most dependable art structures and finest painting surfaces available.
Aluminum Strainers Established in 1966 Lucius Hudson, Inc. provides a wide variety of art products to individual artist, museums, galleries and conservators worldwide. We are dedicated to making continuous improvements to manufacturing methods and processes to ensure our customers have the most dependable structures with the finest painting surfaces available.

2003 marks the beginning of our patented aluminum strainers, which raised the bar for both durability and stability of art supports. We are especially dedicated to applying automation technology where ever possible to achieve a higher standard and produce a reliable product for our customers.

Our team takes pride in treating every project with the highest level of care. Dedication to quality and innovation are reflected in everything we do at Lucius Hudson, Inc.

Our customers value our consistent commitment to quality, innovation and 100% customer satisfaction.

This translates into peace of mind for the artist and their collectors, who have come to appreciate and demand our products.


Ed Moses
"Horacio - The Amazing, Horacio – who always comes through on stretcher bars and panels to perfection. He certainly has made painting and facilitating painting a joy with his craftsmanship and know-how. Always there on delivery day."

Kristin Calabrese
"It's possible that the folks at Lucius Hudson make the best strainers in the country. They make supports like an artist makes paintings: every detail considered. I've been working with them for ten years. Every artist prefers a slightly different surface to work on. With Lucius Hudson, you can get what you need and it will be perfect."

Jonas Wood
"I've been using Lucius Hudson since 2006 when I was given a Lucius Hudson stretcher by a friend and immediately realized the superior quality. The aluminum was very straight and very light. I had previously been really into making my own stretchers, but was totally sold on the convenience and speed of their service. They are always reliable. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a seriously great stretcher, and I constantly do."

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